Bob Giles

Bob Giles is an artist who has an extensive background in both the visual arts and music. He has performed music with the guitar and flute in the San Francisco Bay area for 20 years with such diverse groups as Orison (Celtic & Classical), Campana (Venezuelan), Yassir Chadly (Morrocan), Ngoc Lam Trio (Vietnamese), Ultra Gypsy (Middle-Eastern dance ensemble), Bay Area singer Ayumi Perry, Kora player Daniel Berkman, and with virtuoso guitarist Jack Gates (Jazz and World Music).

Inside the Marble Zoo is music written by Bob Giles. It features solo guitar pieces and other tunes are accompanied with solos by guitarist Jack Gates. Beautiful drumming is provided by Christopher Gamper and hand drums by Tobias Roberson. Cynthia Lohr does a lovely vocal on one track. Recorded by former Miles Davis guitarist Garth Webber, who also plays a ghostly guitar behind one tune. Jack and Garth both play bass on various pieces.

As a painter and photographer, Bob Giles has exhibited around the San Francisco Bay area. He specializes in photographs of the Victorian Garden Cemeteries (see CD cover), classic portrait photography, and costumed dancers from many cultures.

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